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Chances are, getting to know us will surprise you. We are a group of people committed to extraordinary service. We’re united throughout in this common goal and it shows. There’s an enthusiasm, an attitude and a camaraderie that’s real and tangible. We will take personal responsibility for your requests. And that, we believe, will earn your business. And then some.

  • "Across the board, all staff and reporters of First Choice are courteous, professional, punctual and excel at their work. They have made impressive technological advances with their facilities and capabilities." - Chris Norris, Managing Attorney - Liberty Mutual Field Legal, Orlando

Deposition Hall of Fame

Depositions, even when proceeding amicably, can quickly turn contentious. They are naturally adversarial endeavors. In the attempt to discover a witness’ knowledge and to preserve that witness’ testimony, there may be moments of frustration, impatience, uncooperativeness, and even evasiveness. Add celebrity to the mix, and the outcomes, at times, are nothing short of outrageous. Celebrities …

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